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Monat Hair Business

Why I started my Monat Hair Business (and how you can as well)

Why I even considered social selling in the first place

A few years ago I was exhausted and burned out from my career as an Army officer. I had spent years and years moving all the time, working intensely long hours in the most terrible places and the most stressful environments (Iraq and Afghanistan, anyone?). Although I am proud of my accomplishments and have loved my time in the Army, I had spent years:

– spending too much time at work and getting not enough rest
– earning a comfortable salary, but not enough to do some of the things I really wanted to do
– sacrificing WAY too much family time for very little pay off.

I’m not afraid of hard work, but I want it to be enjoyable and give me time with my family/friends. And the problem was, I saw no end in sight. Even if I retired from the Army, I was still going to have to start another career somewhere else, with the same exact problems.

At the same time, I was buying some products online from someone, and she asked me if I was ever interested in selling products to make some extra money. My immediate reaction was… “Me? Why? I have a job, and I have no time for that.”

But then she told me a story about how she had a full time corporate career a few years ago, and she was able to build her business on the side of her job… and built it to the point where she was able to now stay home with her toddler.  What’s funny about that is I had never even considered how much money people could make with selling stuff online. I assumed it was very minimal, and definitely not enough to survive on. But…. when she told me that story, I immediately saw the possibility. What if I could do something part time after work and earn enough money to invest more?  Go on some fabulous vacations each year?  Pay my mortgage? Even more? What if THIS was a way to grow an income so when I get out of the military, I can work from home? I already loved the products, so all I needed to do was follow her lead and be coachable. Well, fast forward, and that dream I envisioned is just about reality. I have a thriving and growing hair business with Monat, and I am about to retire from the military. I have a great community outside of work, mentors that guide me, and wonderful customers that I’m happy to serve.

Want to see examples of people who joined Monat? Watch here:

So How do You Grow Your Own Business?

The best way I’ve learned to grow a business part time is through social selling. This is where you refer people to your link and products via word of mouth, conversations, and social media. Most people are desperately afraid of this, because they have no sales training, and no idea of how to start. But guess what? You’re probably already doing it with things you love (your favorite makeup, hair products, movies, foods, etc.). Sharing reviews of things you love is a natural thing to do these days, so surprise – you already know how to do it.

Steps to Growing Your Hair Business:

In Monat, we call the people who are growing a business “Market Partners”. This is the basic way a Market Partner can grow their business:

1. Use a product
2. Demonstrate it and talk about the benefits you get from using it (how it makes you feel)
3. If someone is interested in getting some, you can share your website link, or your hair quiz to figure out what products they might need.

*It’s worth noting that you don’t only have to talk about products. You can talk about your business and the benefits of your business in the same way.

Who is a Monat hair business great for?

  1. It’s great for people who want to build a team and earn extra income
  2. It’s great for people who have a social media presence already and want to monetize it (no matter how big or small)
  3. It’s great for people who DON’T want to build a team, but just want to casually share a link and get an incredible discount on products (an affiliate marketing model)
  4. It’s great for people who want to earn some extra income without investing lots of money up front
  5. It’s great for people with limited time and lots of responsibility (people like that are usually motivated and focused)
  6. It’s great for anyone who finds themselves dreaming of a bigger life with more impact, but isn’t sure of how to make it a reality

Perks of a being Monat hair business Market Partner

✅30% off all purchases for yourself / your family
✅Only make purchases when you want (no monthly autoship required)
✅A Personalized website
✅The opportunity to earn income (see the USA income disclosure here*)
✅The opportunity to earn trips, a paid for car lease, bonuses and more.
✅The community / people you work with are fantastic
✅Personal growth opportunities
✅Social Media training from top income earners
✅… and much more

How to Get Started

1. Purchase a Starter Pack of products for you to keep / use
2. We’ll get you plugged into our groups and team chats
3. I’ll help you launch your business with a 30 day social media plan
4. You’ll receive personal mentorship from me along the way to hit your goals

In the video at the top of this page, I show you what comes in the $199 starter pack. The products in it are worth $400. I mention this because WORST case when you join as a Market Partner, you get some amazing products and a 30% discount. BEST case you can earn money back, meet some amazing people, potentially earn trips or a car bonus, and then some.

If you have any questions, text me at (254) 351-0046 and I’ll be happy to chat with you. Otherwise, you can always DM me on Instagram (

*Income disclosure: These results are not typical. MONAT makes no guarantee that you will achieve similar results. Your results will depend on your hard work and effort. The average annual income for ALL U.S. Market Partners at all Ranks (which includes Active and Inactive Market Partners) in 2021 was $831. Thirty-nine percent of U.S. Market Partners were not Active in 2021 and therefore did not earn any commissions.

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