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Soraya Goddard Engagement Down

Why Your Engagement Might Be Down

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Hint: It isn’t the algorithm

If your engagement is in the tank and nobody responds to your content…it isn’t the algorithm (sorry not sorry). I know it’s easy to blame everything else (because victim mindsets are everywhere), but it just isn’t the fault of some wicked person at Instagram. I mean, yes… part of it could be a tweak they made in the software, but that is definitely not the main reason that your engagement is down.

It’s likely your message (or lack thereof)

If you show up and create cute content without a message or without a purpose, your growth will stall. Some people will stick around – mostly the people that already have a relationship with you or have connected with you in some way. But otherwise, there are a billion other cute people on the internet to follow. What we want to do is hook them in with a strong, emotional message, and keep them around. The problem is… if you’re a personal brand, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what your message is. Well, let me share with you a few tips on how to craft a compelling message so your engagement can turn back around the right way.

1. Tell your personal story and talk about why it led you to where you are (selling your product, service or opportunity)

Use your own stories as an example to relate to other people in that same / similar position.

2. Talk about how you felt after you figured out / discovered what you are now selling

People might not relate to your exact story, but people will definitely relate to your emotions, which is what we want. Emotional connection is the goal.

3. Talk about how you can help other people feel that way, too, then give a call to action

Use this basic formula to share your message. Speak with confidence and repeat this often. You’ll start to attract people who want the thing you’re talking about. That breeds community, and encourages engagement of all kinds (commenting, DMs, sharing, etc.)

4. Repeat yourself over and over again

Assume everyone is distracted and not really paying attention (because it’s true). Talk about different stories. You can have multiple stories for each product / service, etc., but keep them coming. These stories will become the bedrock of your personal brand, and over time, you’ll create a loyal, engaged following.

Listen to Podcast Episode 111 for more on the topic of engagement (web player also at the top of this blog).

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