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Yes, social media can be annoying.  But getting on social media has changed my life.  I've gone from zero social media presence to using social media to allow me to never work another corporate job again.  And trust me - I'm just a normal person, so if I can do it, you can, too. 

My mission is to help other women make money on social media so they can do the things they dream of. 

I'm a wife, a dog mom, and a social media mentor.

i can help you monetize your social media - without having to be an influencer. 

Soraya Goddard

Traci Howells

"Your training was the best investment I made in my business.
I'm so grateful for this last year learning from you.
 I am in the top 20 for new customer sales for the entire company!"

ray higdon
CEO, HigDON group and network marketing trainer

"Soraya is my go-to for all things Instagram."


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