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How to Make Simple Sales Content on Social Media

So you’re on social media, but you aren’t yet making sales – or they’re coming in sporadically? If that’s you, I’ve got you. I learned a really simple formula from Russel Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets a few years ago, called “Hook, Story, Offer”.

This formula is a simple way to sell things online. It’s particularly useful on social media because a) it gives you a formula to follow when writing or speaking, and b) for people who might be new to making offers online, it’s a relatively fun way to do it.

So here’s the simple “Hook, Story, Offer” framework, which can be followed on video or in any kind of writing:

1. Hook

Give a short line at the beginning of your video or copy that “hooks” the viewer / reader. The hook can be an intriguing question, a statistic, a controversial statement, or anything that will want your audience to stick around and hear more.

2. Story

Tell a compelling story about your experience, the experience of your customer, or whatever will bring your audience to understand why you are offering what you are offering. It doesn’t have to be a long story, and you don’t need to include every single detail. Include what you need to include, and leave out the rest. The story should break down some sort of objection or address a common concern about the thing that you are offering. Often times, your story is basically a testimonial about what you learned, found, or experienced with the thing you’re about to offer to your audience.

3. Offer

This is where you make the “pitch”. When combined with a story, this is a natural next step for you as the creator AND your audience to hear. (If you tell a really compelling story, your audience will be excited for you to tell them how they can get the same results!) With your offer, you can invite your audience to message you, download something, click on a link, or whatever you want them to do to start the sales process. It’s always best to keep it simple and give clear instruction on what you want them to do. Even better, if you can tell them what will experience next, you’ll likely get more results. An example would be, “If you click on the link, you’ll get to my storefront where you’ll find the exact ring light I used to make this video.”

Watch this short explanation in this video:

I hope the “Hook, Story, Offer” formula helps you! DM me on Instagram and let me know if it does.

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