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Curly Hair 101: How to Bring out Your Natural Curls and Waves

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If you’re reading this, then you likely have curls or waves that aren’t quite looking like you want them to… and trust me, I’ve been there. Everyone with curly or wavy hair goes through stages of frustration in learning how to style and care for their curls. After years and years of experimenting with different methods on my own hair as well as helping other people nurture their natural texture, these are my best tips to bring out your natural curls and waves.

My Step by Step Instructions to Bring Out Your Wavy or Curly Hair

The journey to gorgeous wavy or curly hair starts with a clean scalp. Remove any buildup with a clarifying shampoo or scalp scrub. This ensures your hair isn’t overly weighed down at the roots, allowing your natural waves or curls to spring up effortlessly.

Step 1:

Hydrating your hair is crucial for encouraging your curls and waves. Curly hair and wavy hair often dry out quickly, making the right moisturizing shampoo and conditioner a necessity. If your hair is chronically dry, your curls or waves might struggle to stay formed. For a shampoo recommendation tailored to your hair needs, check out

Step 2:

Here’s a great tip for wavy and curly hair management while in the shower: use a Wet Brush while your conditioner is in to gently comb through your hair. This helps to detangle your hair and prevent frizz. Start from the ends and work your way towards the scalp for best results. Once you rinse out the conditioner, your hair should be mostly tangle-free.

Step 3:

After rinsing, avoid using a regular towel to dry your hair. This could induce frizz and re-tangle your hair. Instead, squeeze out the water with your hands and, if necessary, wrap it in an old cut-up t-shirt or something like this. Those microfiber or textured hair towels sold in stores are actually the worst for curly or wavy hair, since they cause friction which leads to frizz.

Step 4:

Upon stepping out of the shower, spritz a gentle detangler into your hair and give it another pass with the Wet Brush.

Step 5:

At this point, your hair should still be fairly wet. A good test for wavy and curly hair is that when you scrunch your hair, you should be able to hear the water. If not, simply pat some more water onto your hair or use a spray bottle.

Step 6:

Now, it’s time to apply a gel or a curl cream throughout your hair. I recommend doing this with “praying hands” as running fingers through your curls could tangle them up and create frizz. If you have thick hair, lift up various layers to ensure the gel or curl cream is evenly distributed. You may brush again to ensure your wavy or curly hair is still tangle-free. Remember, your hair should still be wet enough to hear the water in it.

Step 7:

For those just starting to bring out their waves or curls, consider finger curling your hair to help establish the curl pattern.

Step 8:

Now, allow your waves or curls to air dry. If you must blow dry your hair, make sure to apply a heat protectant first. A good heat protectant safeguards your curls from potential damage and breakage.

Step 9:

If you’re after more volume at the roots, consider using these clips to lift your hair up at the scalp while your hair air dries. This is my favorite trick for adding extra height and volume to your hair.

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